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Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Pure Copper Earthing Electrodes

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter and Installation of Pure Copper Earthing Electrodes, Solid Copper Earthing Electrodes and our setup is arranged in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

We endeavor to give best safety solution to our important clients.

Solid copper earthing rod / electrodes or pure copper earthing rod / electrodes is produced using 99.9% unadulterated electrolytic copper. It offers extraordinary resistance to corrosion It is utilized when better conductivity and consumption obstruction is liked. In this, crystalline conductive compound is pressurized filled and guarantee most noteworthy conductivity to withstand any spillage current.

  • Utilized 100% copper for long life.
  • Plan for quick flaw current dispersal.
  • Low support nearby.
  • Simple and quick establishment on location.
  • Dampness booster compound packs accommodated low earth opposition.